on 2019-11-09

City: Lože

Location: Lože

Organiser: UTVV Slovenia

3th  UTVV Preparation Tour will be something special, as it will take place on St. Martin's weekend when St. Martin makes a new wine from the must.


We will run through the winegrowing regions of the Vipava Valley, and this tour will not only be special because of Martinovci, which we promise in the evening, but we will get to know new areas of all 3 longest routes, Emperor, Centurion and Gadiator.

The route will be completely renovated here.


The tour will be witnessed in the wine-growing village of Lože and completed in this village.


For those who want to taste the produce of this year's Vipava harvest, we will prepare a special UTVV Martin package of visits to the Vipava Temple (this will require advance registration).




L - 30 - 40 km

M - 25 km

N - 10 km