Saturday, 16 May 2020
start: 17.00

13 km
D+ 300 m / D- 300 m
Entry feeeuro
35 €

Trail description

Start in the center of Vipava, in the first kilometers of the route you will run through the center of Vipava and continue along the beautiful macadam paths towards Podnanos. Here, the line turns towards Gradišče nad Vipavo, and then past the Cultural Center, descends back towards the center of Vipava. Here, a refreshment station awaits you at km 5, then continue along the old part of Vipava, across the beautiful Vipava bridges at the source of Vipava, towards the Janko Premrla Vojko barracks. From there across the field to the idyllic Zemono hill, and then downhill to the "battlefield" in front of Vrhpolje, where, according to historical accounts, the Battle of Frigidus in 394 took place, between the Eastern and Western Roman emperors.

Through the field you will reach Vrhpolje village and refreshment stations at 9 km. From here follows a moderate ascent into the slope of Nanos. Soon you will see the beautiful scenery, Stari Grad (old castle) above Vipava, where you will join the main route, along which all the big races take place and, together with other competitors, will be looking forward to your destination in Vipava.

See you soon!


Time limits

 4 hours

Refreshment & Checkpoints

  • one refreshment station is located along trail with water, energy drinks, sugar, fruit, light food etc.
  • Drinks, light meals and a warm meal will also be available for runners at the finish line.

Obligatory equipment

  • race bib number always visible


Entry fees

  •  Registration & payments 
Registration by date  31.12.2019 28.2.2020 1.4.2020


25 €  30 € 35 €



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up to 35 years up to 35 years
36 – 55 years 36 – 55 years
over 55 years over 55 years


The first three in general category will be awarded trophies and prizes.


Organiser reserves the right to make changes.

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